CLD-335 Details

Other IDs this deficiency may be known by:

Other ID(s) fixed-in-52.7.0, mfsa2018-09

Basic Information:

Affected Package(s) thunderbird
Deficiency Type SECURITY
Date Created 2018-03-25 10:45:06
Date Last Modified 2018-03-25 10:49:35

Version Specific Information:

Cucumber 1.0 i686fixed in thunderbird-52.7.0-i686-1
Cucumber 1.0 x86_64fixed in thunderbird-52.7.0-x86_64-1

Cucumber 1.1 i686 fixed in thunderbird-52.7.0-i686-1
Cucumber 1.1 x86_64 fixed in thunderbird-52.7.0-x86_64-1


This CLD addresses the following CVEs:
CVE-2018-5127: Buffer overflow manipulating SVG animatedPathSegList
CVE-2018-5129: Out-of-bounds write with malformed IPC messages
CVE-2018-5144: Integer overflow during Unicode conversion
CVE-2018-5146: Out of bounds memory write in libvorbis
CVE-2018-5125: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 59, Firefox ESR 52.7, and Thunderbird 52.7
CVE-2018-5145: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox ESR 52.7 and Thunderbird 52.7

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